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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 8, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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especially inland and then we'll try to spread the wealth as we head throughout the seven days. hi, everybody. let's just jump right in and talk about what's going on with live doppler 7. a little bit of fog around vallejo, american canyon and napa. alexis and i will keep an eye on that and there's some fog developing in the central valley also. here's a look from our roof camera. and you can see just how calm and gorgeous it is this morning, with temperatures about 38 to 45, 60 to 63 at lunch and much brighter. you'll need those sunglasses all day. and a mild temperature in the mid to upper 50s under stars at 7:00. golden gate bridge looking great this morning. so if you are coming southbound from marin county, just that slight residual delay in san rafael and then just fine as you head into san francisco. not so good, though, if you're raiding ice rail or capital corridor. union pacific track work. ace 1 out on time today, should be arriving around 6:15. they'll have to wait until 7:00
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when that track work wrapped up so that's a 45 to 60 minute delay for ace 1. capital corridor just saying that same track work is causing delays system-wide this morning. we'll take a look at drive times coming up in less than ten. we have new details on a fight between caltrain and a contractor that was hired to make the train safer. >> both sides are now suing each other and all that safety work still isn't officially done. abc7 news reporter matt keller live for us in san jose. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. caltrain says passengers shouldn't worry about their safety because of these delays, but caltrain has filed a lawsuit. now, the hope is this system will help prevent catastrophic crashes like the one in southern california back in 2008 and the one in new jersey this past september where people were hurt and killed. now, the idea is those could have been potentially been stopped if there was a positive train control system installed. according to courthouse news
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service, this lawsuit is about that system. caltrain had a deal with the illinois-based rail contractor parsons so install it on the bay area railway network. now basically is system is designed to overcome human error bi like conductors being dissubtracted or asleep. course news service says parsons missed the deadline so they terminated the contract last month and sued the company. parsons says caltrain is partially responsible for the delays and has turned around and sued caltrain. caltrain is looking for another company to help finish this project. >> what a legal mess. matt, thank you. congress takes its first big step to repeal and replace obamacare. two house committees are scheduled to vote on the new gop legislation that was introduced on monday. this proposal would eliminate the individual mandate, repeal the obamacare penalties and subsidies, create tax credits and limit federal funding for medicaid.
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the legislation already faced of sis from democrats and now some conservative republicans are also resistant. they say they don't like the proposed tax credits. wikileaks has published what the whistle blower group claims are thousands of secret cia files that show how u.s. spies hack into almost any device people use. wikileaks says the documents show the cia's team of hackers has developed malware that's able to remotely hack into iphones, ipads, android devices and smart tvs. taking video from their cameras and listening with the microphones. cia is not allowed to spy on americans inside the u.s., but privacy advocates are worried other agencies may be using the same tools. >> be worried if they're being used against nonintelligence targets. we should be worried if they're being used against americans. >> every time a place like wikileaks blows our ops, it means that the bad guys evolve and they use countermeasures to defeat the abilities of the united states to spy on them and to track them to target them and
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so forth. >> the white house and the cia would not comment on the authenticity of the documents. san francisco based electronic frontier foundation is urging you to protect yourself by keeping your tech like your phones and smart tvs update and had making sure you use a really strong password. in a statement apple says, while our initial analysis indicates that many of the issues leaked were already patched in the latest ios, we will continue work to address any identified vel nernlts. an east bay couple is demanding to know why the people who punched and kicked them in berkeley haven't been arrested. mike cox and his wife that you see there in red, say they were attacked by anti-trump demonstrators as police stood by. cox doubts the city of berkeley is going to do anything. >> i don't think it's going to take place, honestly. i don't think that berkeley has that mentality to want to even go after the people who were in black. >> police arrested ten people,
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but not the people who attacked the couple. district attorney's office says they need to gather more evidence and review it before deciding whether to charge anyone. new this morning, dublin is not going to become a sanctuary city. the city council agreed with dozens of residents who shared a view that the designation would be dangerous for residents. being a sanctuary city usually means that there are policies in place that prevent the enforcement of federal immigration laws. in this case, local officials would not have shared information with the federal government about a person's status that could lead to their deportation. well, it is international women's day and women across the country are being asked to take part in a movement called a day without a woman. here in the bay area, there are about a half dozen rallies planned, including one at san francisco's city hall. that rally runs from 11:00 this morning to noon and is expected to draw thousands. organizers hope to continue the momentum gained by the women's march in january. >> show up, be in community, talk about some of the issues and kind of reinforce that
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energy we found as we continue to move forward. >> the event aims to draw attention to the inequities that women face from wage disparity to harassment in the workplace. organizers are asking people to wear red in solidarity and to avoid shopping unless it's at a business owned by a woman or minority. a rally will be held in front of san jose city hall from noon to 2:00 p.m. santa clara county leaders joined together yesterday to pledge their support of the movement. leaders say they're encouraging staffers to take the day off with or without pay but if people do choose to work, they are being asked to wear red. we've learned police have arrested a sixth person in the death of a san jose little league coach. 35-year-old frank navarro was stabbed on february 26 outside of tres gringos club. he worked there as a security manager. witnesses say there was an altercation after a bouncer didn't let a man in. san jose police confirmed to abc7 news that 20-year-old andrew cervantes is the sixth suspect arrested. also yesterday, police announced
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that the three people you see at the top of your screen were arrested lats last week. the other two men pictured were arrested hours after the stabbing. we have new details on an unusual crash in san carlos. look at this. police say they arrested the driver of a classic cadillac convertible after it ended up underneath this truck. the driver is charged with dui. fortunately no one was hurt. a proposal to build a new school on an empty lot in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood has hit a snag. teacher salaries are forcing the district to rethink the project. also a former oakland police officer caught up in a officer caught up in a prostitution
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all right, we're back, and temperatures are up to 7 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. puts us from about 41 in the south bay, cupertino, saratoga, to mountain view 47, alameda, san pablo and san francisco, 48, danville 39 and lafayette and livermore about 40. today we're going to hit 63 in san francisco and sausalito. even warmer tomorrow and pretty steady friday but notice the coast into san francisco, never
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really warms up as much because the marine layer is going to develop. now at night, we'll be in the mid 40s to low 50s around the state, 82 in l.a. today, 49 in tahoe and enjoy the snow up in tahoe because we're not getting any new show snow the next seven days. we do have a new crash in. if you're trying to make your way across the san mateo bridge. just east of the toll plaza, we have a report of a crash. that is a solo vehicle collision and that is blocking the left lane right now. so, just expect a little delay if you're coming in southbound 880 to westbound 92. westbound 4, antioch to cord, 23, san rafael to san francisco also until the yellow at 18 minutes. just getting word that union pacific track work near great america is not going to be done for a long time. i'll have that update coming up next. new details on a proposal to build a new school in san francisco's mission bay. a decision on the plan has now been delayed for at least a month.
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"the examiner" reports the city's board of education is worried the project could divert funding slated for potential raises for teachers. officials say hiring staff and consultants to plan for the new school would cost nearly $600,000 in the next fiscal year. the school board and district are currently in negotiations with the teachers union. more americans are being diagnosed with arthritis and the illness isn't just for older people anymore. also next, a daring rescue in arizona, a man trapped in c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor
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welcome back, everyone. i want so show you live images. fbi director james comey speaking at a cyber security conference at boston college on the heels of that wikileaks breach. he has been speaking for a few minutes about what the fbi is doing to stay in front of threats in today's world and one interesting thing i heard, he said the fbi is competing for new tech talent like never it has before. he also told companies in the room that he knows the fbi can't compete with private business when it comes to money and paying new talent, but says that today's great young people have more opportunities for agility and experiences that they won't be able to get in the private sector, so really appealing to young tech people. plus, they get to carry a gun. so, that was a high note that he gave out there.
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he is still talking as you see that. i will be monitoring the speech for you. that is latest here at the live desk happening now. back to you. new at 6:00, police in arizona rescued a man who was stuck in a river and do you see what he's doing there. he's having to hold on to the bottle bottom of that helicopter just so he can be lifted to safety. mesa police said someone walking above the river heard that man calling for help. rescuers tell us the man was a transient and living near that river. he was trying to get his belongings when he got swept away by the rushing water. a retired oakland police captain has been sentenced in connection to the police scandal involving a self-described underage sex worker. according to our media partner the "east bay times," a judge sentenced 81-year-old al perrodin to two years probation and just five days in jail. he will be able to do court watch instead of any jail time, so that means he will sit in a court audience and watch proceedings. he was investigated after a woman who used to go by the name celeste guap says she had sex with officers from various bay
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area agencies. an expulsion hearing underway for the napa high school student accused of hazing. he was the focus of an abc i-team exclusive monday night. johnny tores is one of 11 football players that school district officials accused of hazing. he's been suspended for the past two months. he says he's wrongfully accused. a panel of three school officials is now hearing the case. the district attorney presented its evidence yesterday. the hearing will continue next monday when tores will testify. art rights is not just for the elderly. over 54 million americans have doctor-diagnosed arthritis and the majority of them are under 65. that's according to a new report from the centers of disease control. the number means about 1 in 4 of us has arthritis. women have to it more than men. the report does not mention why arthritis may affect so many people. imagine this coming out of your tap. officials in this canadian town
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are now apologizing for that pink water. they say a valve at a treatment plan malfunctioned and released a chemical. the chemical is what turned that water pink. officials say there was no risk in drinking the water. the chemical can cause skin irritation. >> what? >> i'm sorry. i'm not drinking that. >> i know. it's potassium >> if it hurts the outside of your skin, what's it going to do to the inside. >> one woman says she will not even wash her floors with it. that's what she said. no thanks. >> that's gross. all right. we got pink in a different variety, though, behind us. >> the good kind. >> prettier. yeah. hets go with that. good morning, everybody. in case you missed yesterday's sun rides, mother nature providing an encore. ferry riders rejoicing as they look at that. and try not to stare at it if you're going to be in the car. i'll just put it on social media
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for you. you can look at it there there @mikeniccoabc7. more fog forms in milder conditions tonight and it looks like another seven days without rain. all the cold weather, well up to the north, look at portland, seattle and their higher elevations, rain turning to snow there while we have high pressure building in and that's why we're seeing more sunshine today and there is the high pressure. look at its clockwise flow. we talked yesterday it was going to push the storm track further to the north. you can see it right there hovering on our border with oregon and pulling up temperatures that are in the 70s and 80s down to our south. that mild air, it arrives today. let me show it to you in my accuweather 7 day forecast. now remember the coast, you're going to get to the mid 60s tomorrow but that's about as warm as you get until next monday. the rest of us, low 70s today, low to mid 70s tomorrow and friday, a little bit cooler saturday and then we set our clocks forward saturday night into sunday and temperatures get a little bit warmer and we'll be able to enjoy an hour later
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sunday evening. i have some bad news here. the update on the union pacific track work that is impacting ace rail and capital corridor this morning just got extended another hour. so it was supposed to wrap at 7:00 this morning. they pushed that back to 8:00 and ace rail should be arriving right around great america where that track work is within the last five minutes or so, so they're going to have to wait until that track work is done. ace saying this is going to impact ace 3 as well and then capital corridor has major delays system-wide due to that union pacific work. live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights on since 5:25 this morning. and then a quick check of drive times too. westbound 80, 26 minutes, about 17 across the bay bridge and if you're heading to the airport, southbound 101, san francisco to sfo in the green at 9 minutes. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right abc7. good morning to you, natasha and reggie. coming up next here on "gma,"
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the new gop health care bill drawing criticism from both sides of the aisle this morning. president trump tweeting his support of the program overnight and we will speak exclusively with tom price this morning for all the detail thonz new plan. and then the hunt is on for poachers who broke into a french zoo and killed this rhino for its horn. authorities calling it an unprecedented act of violence. a zoo expert joins us to discuss how concerned zoos around the world should be right now. that is all coming up next right here on "gma." natasha and reggie, back to you. >> that's a terrible story. >> that is awful. thank you, amy. next, the new ranking naming some silicon valley tech leaders the best in the world. also nike has a new product for muslim women and it is ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast.
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see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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- how? - bargainomics! say, if california has a bumper crop and produces too many oranges. or a winemaker in sonoma suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ we're back at 6:24. nike is going to soon begin selling these. this is what they're calling a performance hijab for hoous women athletes. the head cover is going to be called the nike pro hijab. nike began developing the hijab after muslim athletes complained about wearing a traditional head scarf during competition. the fabric has tiny holes in it which make it breathable while still being opaque. time now to ask finney and
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dominique from san francisco has a question about saving up for a car. >> he spoke to us at our ask finney event in daly city. >> if i save $10 a day for 11 years, will i have enough money to buy a car? >> hey you bet you! it's great that you're already thinking about saving money for a car. i mean, you're just 7. but they are expensive and it takes a long time to gather up all that money. so, if you save $10 a day for a full year, you'll have more than $3,600. if you do that every single day for is 11 years, you will have saved a little over $40,000. if you add in interest payments or stock market returns, you should be able to buy a pretty sweet ride when you turn 18. how about something like a nice suv or even a sport import. dominique, if you do that, you'll be a hero. thanks for your question.
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>> by then, won't flying cars and the hyperloop or whatever? if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or it with us on social newsing #askfinney. kudos to two silicon valley valley tech leaders for their gift of innovation. >> audit firm kpmg polled global tech industry leaders and they chose this man. elon musk of tesla as the most innovative tech leader in the world. as for the most innovative leader in the u.s., tim cook of apple took that prize. as he did for best visionary. on a list of brands that drive tech innovation, google came in first, followed by apple, tesla came in fifth, tied with amazon. coming up next at 6:30, thousands of women expected to call out sick today. how one local school district is preparing for a day without women. and get ready for gas prices to spike again, why state lawmakers are considering a new tax at the pump and how it could actually help your commute. and we've got some issues on the commute this morning.
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if you are going to be riding ace rail or capital corridor, some union pacific track work going late. we just talked to officials there. i have a it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month.
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and now at 6:30, deadly wild fires across the country. the frantic effort to put out dozens of fires in eight states. push to impeach. while we sleeping, alameda
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taking action to push president trump out of office. and your office could be a whole lot emptier this morning. women across the country planning to take the day off. bay area employers are preparing for the sick calls. good morning to you on this wednesday, march 8. >> you can count on us. we are all here today at 6:30 in the morning. hope you're doing well so far and your day is off to a good start. look at this nice sunrise that we have behind us, mike. >> think how lost we would be without these three and mother nature this morning. >> that's true. >> we couldn't do it without these ladies. >> don't forget. >> let's take a look. you didn't think i was sincere. that hurt. >> let's take a look at what's going on with live doppler 7. here's a little bit of fog around napa, rohnert park. it gets thick in some spots but quickly changes. look at the show mother nature is putting on from mount tamalpais this morning. 12 hour day planner, low to mid 60s at noon, mid to upper upper
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60s later. kmurt alert here this morning, impacting case and capital corridor. union pacific track work was supposed to wrap by 7:00 this morning. an equipment malfunction during that repair work is pushing that eto until 8:00 a.m. so ace 1 and 3, i don't believe they're able to pass until that wraps up so they are just sitting there. also system-wide, some pretty significant delays there for capital corridor. all trains there this morning as well so keeping a close eye on this. next traffic update coming up. happening today, thousands of people across the country vowing to take the d highlight international women's day. >> san francisco unified school district actually has extra people on hand anticipating that people will stay home. amy hollyfield live for us in san francisco. >> reporter: hi, reggie. we're at district headquarters where they're wondering if they're going to get a lot of calls today from teachers who don't want to come to work. some districts on the east coast did have to cancel classes today because they don't have enough
6:32 am
teachers. that hasn't happened here but they did put a lot of substitutes on hand just in case. so they've put them on standby. international women's day is not a new event, but they promise this year's will be different. they want to build on the success of the women's march in january. organizers thought it would be appropriate to have a women's strike today to show their importance to the economy. one major point they will be protesting is president trump's statements about women. >> movement to show the importance of women in everyday life and all th issues that we're facing under the current administration was important to show on international women's day. >> reporter: people are beingas support the movement. there will be a rally in front of san francisco's city hall. that's starting at 11:00 this morning. kids across the bay area, go ahead and get up and get ready for school because no districts in the bay area have announced they will be closed today. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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rallies are planned for across the bay area today. in oakland, thousands are expected to gather at frank ogawa plaza. that event runs from 5:00 to 10:00 tonight. other rallies are being held in san francisco, san jose, palo alto, pacifica, union city, and on the uc berkeley campus. we have a full list of today's events on our app and on and you know the statue that everybody's talking about on wall street showing a lot of girl power, well, if you're a local teacher, you may have some extra fondness for the brave little one staring down the wall street bull. she was put out there by the same firm that developed the gender diversity index etf. that is a fund that holds companies with women in leadership positions on wall street they actually have the ticker symbol s.h.e. or she. the fund was developed with the california state teacher's retirement system. not only is this little girl now making a political statement on wall street, just in time for women's day, the fund also was
6:34 am
originally created as a political statement. so there you go. a fun fact for you. reggie, natashaing back to you. >> that's very interesting. thank you, jess. new details, the alameda city council has passed a resolution asking congress to investigate whether to impeach president trump. the council met late into the night before deciding to ask lawmakers to look into potential conflicts from the president's business dealings and possible ties to russia. city councils have no actual authority to call for impeachment but they can send a message. one council member said the city has other issues it should be focusing on like affordable housing. supporters say, yes, this is symbolic but they hope to create a movement. >> understandably, this is just a local measure, but with a republican congress, republican senate, i think you need to get dh movement from the ground up. >> richmond became the first bay area city to pass a similar resolution two weeks ago. new this morning, hawaii has filed the first lawsuit against the president's new travel ban.
6:35 am
attorneys filed a new 40-page request just before midnight last night asking a federal judge to issue a temporary restraining order against the ban. the president signed the new order on monday, banning travelers from six majority muslim countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days. also banning all refugees for 120 days. hawaii and the justice department are asking the judge to fast track the issue so it's heard before it goes into effect. one week from tomorrow. an incredible breach at the cia. wikileaks has published thousands of documents that, if authentic, expose some of the most powerful u.s. intelligence tools. officials say the 8700 documents posted on wikileaks appear to be real. it includes cia programs with code names like "after midnight" and "brutal kangaroo." so, what are they? well, the cia turned ipads, smart phones, even some tvs into recording devices. >> they could turn it on remotely but it wouldn't put the power light on so anybody this that room would then be discussing or talking and being
6:36 am
monitored without their knowledge or consent. it's a great spy utility. >> experts remind us that anything connected to the interpret always has the potential to be hacked. the white house and the cia have not commented on the authenticity of these documents. we have new details on sunday's fire in vallejo. investigators now say the fire started in a downstairs unit but they're still trying to determine the exact cause. flames quickly spread from that unit to the one above it where several gallons of gasoline were being stored on the balcony. officials say vallejo firefighters who battled the flames had participated in a training drill at that exact travel inn just three weeks before this happened. happening today, federal and state assessment teams will continue going door to door in three san jose neighborhoods that were flooded two weeks ago and here's the potentially bad news. the city is hearing that the private home damage may not be enough to meet fema's requirements to get reimbursement so it may only
6:37 am
damaged. the city may have to use its own general funds to help victims and restore infrastructure. the mayor's relief fund has raised $6 million, which is an incredible amount, but consider damage is estimated at $73 million. governor brown asking president trump to issue a third major disaster declaration because of damage from january's big storms. this one would be for the period between january 18 and the 23rd. the two previous requests covered december and early january. brown says the storms caused flooding, breached levees, and left an estimated 55,000 homes and businesses without power. a disaster declaration makes federal aid available to state and local governments. happening today, the state senate begins considering a bill that would raise gas taxes to fix the state's dilapidated roads. it would raise $6 billion by increasing our gas tax by up to 12 cents a gallon over three years. the vehicle registration fee would also go up by 38 bucks. and if you own a zero emission
6:38 am
vehicle, you still have to pay. a $100 annual fee. the legislation is set to go before the governance and finance committee today. it heads to the full state legislature in two weeks. also happening today, san francisco's garbage company wants to raise rates and you can tell city officials what you think about that. recology wants customers to pay over 16% more if r for services starting july 1. that would increase your monthly bill by almost $6. the company cites higher labor costs, facility improvements and a new landfill agreement as some of the reasons for the price hike. you can air your view at city hall from 8:00 to noon. sonoma county about to get a financial boost from pot. voters have approved a 10% tax on marijuana business in unincorporated areas of the county. measure a got a 72% yes vote in yesterday's special election. the measure could generate up to $15.5 million in revenue a year. the money's intended for county services like rads, fire protection, and housing. the state assembly is considering a new bill that
6:39 am
would send 17-year-olds to the polls during the next election. the bill aims to lower the voting age in california's constitution. now, two-thirds of the legislature would have to approve to bill for it to advance and then it would be put on the state. >> wide ballot. supporters say lowering the voting age would give teenagers a political voice and boost voter turnout. i think mother nature heard your voices and she's bringing us some extended days of dry weather. and a little bit milder this morning. woodside 39, moan low park 40 and then 42 to 46 on the peninsula until you get to half moon bay. mid 40s along the east bay down into san jose at 44. 39 san ramon one of the cool spots along with fairfield and napa, mill valley 42, 48 in san francisco, look at san jose 280 to 17. tree pollen is going to be high again today. here's a look at san rafael. we've heard some patchy fog up in the north bay, not seeing any here. dry everywhere for the commute. if you're exercising. if you go off the paved path,
6:40 am
it's going to be a little wet. brighter and milder if you're out and about maybe walking the dog. 62 to 71 today but more 70s tomorrow inland and temperatures are going to remain mild overnight also with a little more fog, upper 40s to 50. you might have had that little bit of a slowdown we've got some debris in the roadway there on northbound 280 where mike just showed you. another issue is our commuter alert. big problem with union pacific. they've been working on the traffic between fremont and great america so ace 1 is just sitting at fremont station there about 40 minutes behind schedule. ace 3 almost to livermore but they'e not going to be able to get by either ask that track work has been extended to 8:00 a.m. on top of that, capital corridor, you can expect some pretty significant delays system-wide as well. so they're just saying they had an equipment malfunction so that is the reason that that track work was extended here today. >> we also have a crash westbound 92 before the sam bridge toll plaza. that is in the clearing stages but you're heavy there from
6:41 am
beyond 880 and here's a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights on for about an hour and 15 minutes. next traffic update coming up. new this morning, another landslide has closed sir francis drake boulevard in marin. it happened around 1:00 this morning. the marin county sheriff's office says there is no estimated time right now when that road will reopen. the saturated roads and trails in the santa cruz mountains nearly became deadly for one horse. >> when you see the photo, it is really stunning. see it there, it's almost camouflaged in the mud. that is monet lying in quick sand. that horse was in danger of drowning. she was struggling there for almost an hour and a half. firefighters figured out a way to get monet up. >> the water was draining in towards the horse from the creek and we diverted the water flow from the draining in towards the horse away from the horse. >> when the water flow stopped, the soil firmed up and the
6:42 am
6-year-old horse was able to get her footing and stand. monet and her rider were able to walk out on their own and of course the instructions were, get that horse home and get it warm again. lady liberty goes dark. what a lot of people are speculating about a power outage on the statue of liberty. how much do you have in your savings account right now? because you're going to need that and maybe even more just to get tickets that "hamilton" just released here in san francisco. we're going to show you just how not cheap they are. this weekend, "7 on your side's" michael finney will anchor our live coverage of the san francisco st. patrick's day parade. our coverage begins saturday at noon on air and on the abc7 news my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck.
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when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
6:45 am
as we have mentioned, today is a day without women and social media blew up last night whether the statue of liberty was taking part in this. look at that, mostly dark for about two hours. the national park service says don't read into this. this was just a power failure tied to repairs to an emergency generator. i want to show you this. mtv actually flipped its logo upside down in honor of international women's day. take a look here at their twitter account. notice how the iconic "m" symbol now looked like a w. i have been monitoring their twitter account. i noticed earlier this morning they actually sent out that first tweet there if you can take a look at it. it says, a woman runs this
6:46 am
account and she's striking today. all posts have been scheduled. reggie, natasha, back to you. >> interesting. >> don't expect a response today. >> okay, thank you, jess. happening now, firefighters battling 32 wild fires in the eight states from new mexico to florida. at least six people have died, several firefighters have been hurt. thousands of people are evacuated this morning. officials say unseasonably warm weather, a lack of rain also dry and windy conditions are fuelling the fires. more than two dozen states are under wind and fire alerts this morning. >> australian maritime crews rescued two sailors from a disabled yacht this morning. the yacht was being tossed around by 20-foot waves and gale force winds. this video is from an infrared camera showing a communications package being dropped from the back of a plane to that yacht. a police boat plucked the two sailors off the yacht and brought them into shore near sydney. for the first time, we are
6:47 am
hearing from the husband of a south bay woman who was severely burned during a deadly small plane crash last week. stacy pierce remains in a riverside county hospital now following the crash that killed her mother and stepfather, also left her friend badly hurt. the plane was bound for san jose and crashed shortly after takeoff in riverside in batted weather. her husband is relying on faith now to get through this tragedy. >> all day, i told my wife, please take a commercial flight hme and she said, no, we'll be fine. aisle i'm won't make it but i have my faith in god and i believe she's going to pull through. >> well, she has severe burns on her back and doctors had to amputate both of her legs. she has not yet been told that her mom and stepfather didn't make it. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> that's just so tough and we're thinking about those folks. taking a leap for faith for charity, a retired navy s.e.a.l.
6:48 am
played a vital role to commemorate national sleep awareness week. >> andy stump earned five bronze stars and a purple heart and has more than six dozen sky diving jumps. he joined "good morning america." a recent study found that veterans are six times more likely to suffer from sleep disorders. >> the phrase, sleep is power, couldn't be more applicable. what i found was dangerous about it in the military, you were combat ineffective but because you're so exhausted, you don't recognize it. >> find out if they reached their goal at 7:00 right here on abc7. if you want to see the hottest show in town, you have one more chance to not throw away your shot. >> obviously, we are "hamilton" fans. so this morning, i was told by our producers, they released more tickets, reggie. you have a chance now. so i pulled it up and you can see it here. this is a seat map of next wednesday's show at 1:00 p.m. who could go to that, right sm.
6:49 am
>> those are amazing seats. >> those are amazing seats so i'm going to show you those seats and take note of the color. scroll up. >> pink and orange. >> yeah. how much could they what? $868. >> that's for one seat, by the way, guys. >> not for the whole row? angeli angelica, eliza and peggy, you are too expensive. >> too much. we're going to have to figure it out, mike. gosh. >> my god, the picture behind you guys is gorgeous. >> at least there's that. >> and that's free. >> the sunshine -- you guys making a little sunshine sandwich there. and it is free. and those of you who have solar panels you're going to like the next several days. i wanted to show you this not because of delays but notice the sliver of fog and some clouds in the distance. the marine layer is going to return the next couple of days and that's going to leave you a little bit foggy and you could have delays as that fog tries to slip through the san bruno gap. more sunshine and warm today,
6:50 am
extended stretch of warm dry weather. sea breeze, there you go and clouds keep the coast a little bit cooler. here's a look at live doppler 7. bone dry everywhere. don't need the umbrella for several days. in fact, look at the storm track today or at least the flow coming at us a little bit more from the south and a little bit dryer with a little bit more sunshine out there and this area of high pressure whether it's counterclockwise flows bringing those 70s and 80s that were down in southern california up our way. let's see what it does to our accuweather 7 day forecast. mid 60s tomorrow, as warm as it's going to get at the coast until next monday. low to mid 70s for the bay and inland. upper 60s to menear 70s saturda. taking a look at roads here this morning, mike showed you that heavy traffic around 280 and 17. right now i want so show you that problem on westbound 92 as you approach the san mateo bridge there.
6:51 am
starting to improve. anyway, we did have some debris in the roadway there, northbound 280 at 17, somebody lost a tool chest so they did get that pushed out of the way. stop and go traffic remains. here's a live look at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge so westbound 580, stop and go traffic as you approach that toll plaza. we do have this commuter alert that continues. track work from union pacific between fremont and great america, not expected to wrap until 8:00 this morning now, so ace 1 at least 90 minutes late, ace 3, at least 30. folks are being held in fremont. they can get off if they want to. and right now, we do want to get out to the station in san jose because abc7 news reporter matt keller is speaking to passengers about how the track issues are impacting their commute. hey there, matt. >> reporter: hi, good morning there, natasha. i want to show you the capital corridor amtrak train is just sitting here on the tracks. it was supposed to leave at 6:40 this morning.
6:52 am
you can see that that is not the case. it is sitting here. and passengers and the workers there on the train are waiting. i heard an announcement that they said that they're waiting for management to let them know whether or not they can take off. they were hoping to do that shortly, but they said if that's not the case, they may bring out some buses. one man i talked with was taking it all in stride. >> do you normally take the capital corridor train every day? >> no, it's my first time. no idea. >> reporter: with delays now, bad news for you. >> not really. >> reporter: you got some time. >> go drink coffee and i can work from the train. >> reporter: so who knows how long this traini is going to be sitting here this morning as people try to head eastbound but these track delays are causing problems for the morning commute. the best advice, if you can find another way to work, do that. report ting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. we are back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need
6:53 am
to know before you go. first our instagram photo of the day. follow us @abc7newsbayarea. you can see a lot more great photos like this one and share your photos and video, maybe of the sunrise this morning with #abc7now. this is not as pretty. especially if you're sitting in it. there's a live look at people there's a live look at people waiting in the toll plaza to get
6:54 am
welcome at 6:54.
6:55 am
these are the seven things you need to know. alexis? >> number one, we've got a commuter alert here this morning. major issue for ace riders and % capital corridor riders. union pacific taking a long time to wrap up some track work. they had an equipment malfunction. they're saying 8:00 a.m., ace 1 and says 3, significant delays, you're being held in fremont until that wraps. also major delays system-wide for capital corridor riders here this morning. 8:00 is the expected opening time a. number two, thousands of women expected to take part in rallies across the country for international women's day. people being asked to wear red today in support of the movement and to boycott they are owned by a woman or minority. congress will vote for the first time to replace obamacare. two house committees are taking up the measure. many conservatives say the proposal falls short of their vision. number four, the alameda city council has passed a symbolic resolution asking congress to investigate whether to impeach president trump. city councils have no actual authority to call for an
6:56 am
impeachment but they can send a message. number five from the live desk, fbi director james comey just wrapped up his speech on cyber security at boston college. comey says are we need to hold attackers accountable. number six, spring is here at least for a couple of days. we're up to 7 degrees warmer this morning so dress the kids for about 38, inland to 50 around san francisco. look at the temperatures this afternoon. 60 at the coast to 68 and it's going to get even warmer the next couple of days. number seven, some dreams do come true. guys, star burst releasing packages with just the pink ones inside. i think every good person can agree that pink is the best flavor. only for a limited time, april 1, running through the month so that means you have just 30 days to hoard as many as you can and put them in your fridge for the rest of your life. >> i'm definitely doing that. >> i didn't know that was a thing. is that a thing? >> pink is the best flavor. >> what's the worst? >> red. >> red. >> any
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> red. >> any it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event.
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good morning, america. urgent search at this hour. the hunt for the source behind that massive cia security breach. wikileaks publishing some of the agency's most sensitive secrets. thousands of classified documents leaked revealing how the cia could hack into anyone's smartphone and turn tvs into listening devices and now more secrets are set to be revealed. health care showdown. republicans in congress revolt over the new bill to replace obamacare. president trump praises it. >> i think we'll have a tremendous success. it's called good health care. >> a new report says up to 10 million americans could lose coverage. now trump's top health care deputy is here live. deadly inferno. massive flames killing at least six people. more than 2,000 firefighters on


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